Friday, October 24, 2008

Rainy day blues...

Check it out! Mommy got me this new, pink bone at the store and I'm having SO much fun playing with it! Never mind that it's bigger than me....

My Aunt Sara got my cousins Lilly and Peewee matching hoodies because it's so cold outside, so I told Mommy that I wanted one too! Aren't I super adorable? And I know that hoodie is big for me, but it's the smallest one they XS. I'll grow into it soon enough. :)

Today I went to the mall with Mommy and greeted everyone we saw! One man picked me up and said that "only in America can you bring a dog to the mall". Well, hmmm, I wouldn't want to live anywhere where I couldn't go to the mall! I love the mall!

Okay, since it's rainy out, I'm going to go back to sleep while Mommy looks online for a tiny Knowshon Moreno jersey for me! Tomorrow is my very first game day in my new home, so GO DAWGS! :D

Later! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Puppy photos....

Yes. I'm cute and I know it! :D

On the way home from the breeder's. Look how cute I am! And small! I only weigh eight ounces....

Me, making a mess of my dinner. I don't know how all that kibble winds up on Mommy's nice floor!

Hi there! :)

Just wanted to say hi and welcome to my blog! My mommy writes it for me, as I'm still little and can't figure out the computer yet. But don't worry, I'll tell her what to say. :)

Feel free to leave all the comments you'd like!